Sunday, February 23, 2014

Olympus Zuiko 150mm F4 Lens (and Pen F)

And now for something a bit different, some in-breeding between new and vintage. On the left a Fuji X-Pro1 digital camera with an Olympus 150mm telephoto lens, mounted with a nice neat adapter. Looks like it is meant to fit? But the lens was made over forty years ago for the camera on the right, the Olympus Pen F half-frame SLR. Because the Pen was half frame and took 2 images in the area of a standard 35mm frame, the lenses designed for it were very sharp to aid in enlarging.
The first pic in technicolor was taken by the digital Fuji, today - that's our local beach. The wind chill is -10C.
Below that is Bennie the Bengal taken with the Pen F and the 38mm F1.8 lens attached to it (the camera on the right) This Pen F works a treat and is in pristine condition. But it has a bug - literally, a forty year old bug fossilized in the viewfinder. Puts me off a bit.

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