Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Voightlander Vitessa L

Seeing this camera for the first time - with it's plunger up - could make people think its a kludge. But the plunger with advances the film and cocks the shutter is very efficient. You can take pics very quickly operating the film advance with the left hand and using the right to focus and shoot. Focusing is through a convenient thumb wheel on the back of the camera. I have another one of these with the 50mm f2.0, this one has the Scopar 50/3.5.

And this is how compact the Vitessa is with the "barn doors" closed and the plunger in home base. A perfect pocket shooter!
Check out Steven Gandy's Cameraquest site for a great write up. Steven says the quality is upto Leica M standards.

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